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Tripcarte.Asia provides 300+ attraction and activities tickets to the most popular destinations where only a QR Code is needed as an entry ticket. All bookings are done online the experience is completely digital. Each experience is carefully thought of and crafted so that its truly memorable. Tripcarte.asia caters to every needs of its customers so that they have a pleasant and stress free holiday. Tripcarte.Asia ensures that every customers experience is worthwhile and keeps them coming back for more! 


Tripcarte.Asia Cash points rates:
      Tier 1              3%            (bit.ly/2JO3hSu)
      Tier 2              2%             (bit.ly/2XdLPKj


  • Purchases made on the desktop & mobile browser is entitled.
  • Gift card purchases do not qualify for Cash Point.
  • Rent a car is not entitled for Cash Point.
  • Cash Point is calculated based on amount transacted not inclusive of Taxes & Fee and/or Insurance.
  • Bookings made via (Tripcarte) App do not qualify for Cash Point.

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