Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Cash Point?

Cash Point is a form of retail rebate of MY Smart Shopper program. Consumers can earn Cash Point when they make a purchase at our affiliated merchant's retail stores or online stores through MY Smart Shopper (Online or via our App).

2) How does it work?

MY Smart Shopper is paid a referral fee on every sale we bring to our affiliated merchant's retail stores or online stores. From that referral fee, we utilise some of it to cover our running costs and return the remaining back to you in the form of Cash Point. Our mission is to allow our members to shop smart and save smart for every ringgit they spend online.

3) How do I make sure I get my Cash Point?

  • Always check how much percentage of Cash Point you are entitled to from your purchases.
  • Always make sure you are logged into your MY Smart Shopper account.
  • If you do not have a MY Smart Shopper account, please register an account so you could earn Cash Point and we could credit it to the right account.
  • Always make sure to click the "Shop Now" button while in MY Smart Shopper Online which will redirect you to our affiliated online stores before making your purchase.
  • Check if you have cookies enabled / allowed on your browser:
    • If you are using Google Chrome, please follow the guide here
    • If you are using Internet Explorer, please follow the guide here
    • If you are using Safari on your Mac, please follow the guide here
    • If you are using Safari on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, please follow the guide here

4) What does it mean by 10% Cash Point?

It means that for every RM10 you spent, you are able to receive 1 Cash Point:

  • Some sites excludes GST, taxes and shipping fee from the amount to calculate Cash Point
  • Some sites pay us a commission in foreign currencies, so there might be a slight difference in amount of Cash Point you may receive due to this.

5) When can I receive my Cash Point?

It takes up to 72 hours (working days) for our affiliated online stores to let us know that a purchase has been made. As soon as we get updated, your Cash Point will be credited to your MY Smart Shopper account and you will receive an email notification. To ensure you get the notification, please add in your mailing list.

6) Why is the status of my Cash Point "pending"?

When you first receive your Cash Point in your account, it will be stated as "pending". It will be confirmed once our partner websites inform us that there will be no further issues with your purchase (no disputes / refunds / cancellations). In the case of holiday, hotel and flight bookings, it will take slightly longer until you have consumed your booking (no amendments / cancellations).

7) What can I do with my Cash Point?

You can use your Cash Point at any of MY Smart Shopper's participating merchants' outlets through authentication of your MyKad (or E-PIN); (1 Cash Point = RM1)

8) I have made a purchase but why is my Cash Point not appearing on my dashboard?

Cash Point will take up to 72 hours (working days) to be updated in your account. If you do not see your Cash Point within that time period, you may notify us via this link.

9) Why can't I refer a member?

For MY Smart Shopper (MSS) program, we are currently using Malaysian identity card number as our log-in ID. Therefore, we ONLY allow those program affiliates to refer members. (Self-registered member through the MSS website will be assigned an affiliate automatically as the referrer of the program)

Please visit the website of our affiliate marketing platform, Affiliate Junction, to know more details.

10) Is it necessary to log-in to MY Smart Shopper before I purchase anything?

Yes, because this is the only way we could track your transactions and reward you your Cash Point & Reward Point.

11) I had made multiple transactions but only a few were "detected"?

Kindly fill up the form here and be ensured we will investigate this issue with our affiliated online stores. To ease the process, please provide as much information as possible.

12) If I cancel an order or transaction, would my Cash Point be affected?

Yes, our affiliated online stores would not pay for cancelled / refunded transactions. So in this case, we would have to void your Cash Point and / or Reward Point.

13) Can you track my Cash Point if I forget to click through from MY Smart Shopper?

If you forget to click through from MY Smart Shopper, we will not be able to track your order and no Cash Point will be given. So, you have to remember to always log-in to MY Smart Shopper website and let us redirect you accordingly.

14) How to log out of MY Smart Shopper Online?

To log out of your account, click on your "Name" next to "Contact us" button located in the navigation header at the top right corner. This will open a drop-down menu where you will see the log out button.